Concerts continues to be another important part of our activities. Since coming into existence, the JESUS Generation BAND (JGB) continues to mark the celebration of its anniversary with a musical concert. The reason for the concert is to bring bring from different churches and ministries to worship and celebrate the goodness of our God.

There’s no better way to thank God for all he has done for us each year other than being in his presence with hearts full of thanks giving in praise and worship. It is our culture to invite other gospel ministers, choirs  to come and celebrate with us the evening with at the Evangelical Church of The Gambia (ECG),  Grace Wellingara branch famously called Wellingara Library.

We continue to see a rise in number of the amount of people who attend the JESUS Generation BAND concerts. We give God the glory for this is not our doing but His. The venue we have been holding our concert (Wellingara Library) has now become too small for us, for many don’t have space to sit inside the church, so they would have to stand outside and this is something we are rally looking into. Wellingara Library is a very special place for us and it is very strategic in terms of location amongst many other reasons why it’s we love to be there every year.

Working towards the concert is the most challenging and the most busiest period in JESUS Generation BAND. It takes a lot of hours for practice; there times when the band schedules more practice hours or days in order to the standard of singing, arrangement and playing of the songs. It is also a time when a lot of discussions take place and regarding every thing that is needed to make the concert what is needs to be.

The JESUS Generation BAND concerts are all free…. We invite as many people could reach through various ways; call, text, social media platforms, radio etc. May you continue to be blessed each time you come to the JESUS Generation BAND Concert.