As a band, we take ministrations seriously. It is one of the activities that takes us to places and at the invitation of a church, ministry or a group or an individual program. We have been to many places within the Gambia by the grace of God to minister to the glory of his name.

Through the ministrations we have done at various places, this has given us more experience from all the places we have ministered. This is brings us the opportunity to meet so many different people and partnership with individual gospel minsters in the country.

As a band it’s also at such moments that we learn from other people, not limiting our self to what we know and how we implement it always. It is a good thing to add to our some more flavor to ours in the manner that we operate as a team. In another perspective, we firmly believe this is where growth also comes from.  

Ministrations are also a sign of being supportive to the people who invites you to their church, event etc. Therefore we will continue to show our support in worship when we are called upon.

For it is not in honor of man that we sing when we open our mouths to praise and worship, neither is  to the glory of man that we play the instruments when take to the stage to play them, no! It is to our God and king that we do all of these. For the gifts we have comes from him and gladly we will continue to use them to give him thanks even in the assembly of His people everywhere we go!