In the past JESUS Generation BAND has organized seminars where  highly experienced worship leaders (elders)  have been invited to teach and share the knowledge, experience and ideas about the worship and the art of playing musical instrument in the house of God. 

If you want to have a question concerning worship, if you have a question concerning musical instruments or you have doubts wanted someone to help clear for you, we would like to welcome you to attend one of our seminars and get a chance to your question (s) answered and your doubts cleared by the grace of God.

The seminar has always attracted people from different denominations, it also includes members of the JESUS Generation BAND. Bringing well experienced elderly people with the gifts, understanding plus their ability to teach has helped the band. Not only does it help the band but other people are ripping the benefits of attending the seminars we organized.

We don’t demand participants to pay a dime, it’s absolutely free. We encourage people to come and be blessed in order to deliver well in their sphere of operation. It is also an opportunity to get to meet people who are operating in the same sphere as you. Meeting new people who operate in in the same sphere as you could really give you a boost in the way you are operating. You might know a lot of things about your sphere of operation but it also true that you don’t know all; you need someone to help you too. Proverbs 27:17  says: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Since learning doesn’t end here on earth, we are committed to making available the seminars for everyone who wants to have a knowledge about worship playing musical instruments. Our primary target is worship leaders, choir members, and instrumentalist but we still want other people who seek to know about worship and the art of playing musical instruments to benefit from the teachings. This will really help us all to learn together and grow together in knowledge and understand of the role of worship and the art of playing musical instruments and what is expected of instrumentalist.

Be encouraged to be part of our seminars and we believe you will be blessed. Please don’t come alone, try to bring other people with you and be a blessing to them in this way.