Worship Night takes us to different churches and ministries to worship together. It is another platform that helps us learn and implement what we have learnt during band rehearsals and what we have learnt from seminars also what we have learnt from other people in places we have been to.


Normally, when we want to go to a church or a ministry, first, we get in touch with the leadership of the church or minstry and set a date and work towards the day and make it happen. We don’t don’t ask for money in any way for it not about money, our mission to the places we go is to worship only.


The Worship Night provides us with opportunities to sing some of our new songs to bless lives, it also provide us opportunities to meet other people who are into music, Churches and Ministries and partnering with them. We are open to learning from other people who are operating in this sphere of influence as well as partnering with them for a great impact and learning from each other. So the worship night is here to stay by the grace of the Lord and we will continue to move from place to place.


Through the Worship Night others get inspired to keep developing their musical gifts and to serve the Lord through the gifts, through the Worship Night, people made it to our concerts. We


Moments like this are very special, to worship with other people in the presence of the Lord. The Lord has used us to bless his people and we are very for it is a privilege. Luke 19:40 Says: But Jesus answered, “If they keep quiet, these stones will start shouting.” Since we have the gifts, we will sing play musical instruments for it the Lord who has given us what we have and he has called us to worship him.

You can join us to worship as we go to places around the country to worship our God!