Jesus Generation Band is a band founded in 13th of March 2013; this band was formed by a group of people young who grew up together desiring to do music. This strong desire for music motivated these young people to start studying music and develop their skills in music and singing. As the band begin to grow faster different people from within the church and from other churches began to join into the band, together with one goal and desire and with one voice working hard together to keep the band going and growing.

The name JESUS GENERATION was founded by the worship leader of the band, the name came to him in a clear vision as he was seeking the face of the Lord on one of his missionary journey to Ghana. God showed him this name and told him to begin to mobilize young people who are ready to do music and are willing to serve Him in this area to make known His name in their community, the nation and the world at large. Upon acting on this the band leader with this vision called on those with this gift around him and make clear to them about the vision God wants them to do. It was an exciting moment for these young people to hear what was in their hearts as a confirmation. A prayer session was held by the whole band team to pray for the call of God upon their lives and for God’s guidance to work together to fulfill this vision. (Hosea 2:28).

As we began to work together setting up our mission statement and goals to achieve for this generations and the future generation.
Jesus generation came up with practices and worship times to keep us on the track and also running with the vision.

In March 13th 2014 Jesus Generation did a launching to officially launch the band as a beginning for the work of the Lord in their church and nation. The launching was done purposely to make known to the people about our vision and mission statement and to fully understand the meaning behind all this moves. And this launching was accompanied with a free worship night to let people see the gift given to them by God.

In May 21st to 23rd 2016 Jesus Generation also alongside with the YWAM team visited the town of Barra located at the Northern bank of the Gambia West Africa. It was a musical outreach to the community of Barra. This was done with a purpose to preach the gospel of Jesus to the Barra community. It was one of our first mission trips which are part of our mission statement.

In June 10th 2016 Jesus Generation held a FREE mega concert in Evangelical Church of the Gambia (ECG) Wellingara Church commonly known as the wellingara library. This concert was done purposely to worship God freely together with one voice praising Him.